Oh wow!! My second blog post!!!

I recently returned from Mexico.  While I was there, I visited Puebla and Oaxaca.  Along the way, I purchased many traditional Mexican textiles, and even tried a little moonshine Mescal.  I couldn’t wait to get home and try all of these beautiful fabrics in my own home.

The Mexican textiles are very earthy, and homey.  Exactly what I have been in the mood for recently. They have a great modern bohemian vibe. IMG_5726

I bought a lot!!!  I have always loved the floral embroidered pillows from Mexico. (my headboards are vintage Mexican)


This is a very old Tonala fish from Mexico.  I have had it for many years, but it’s looks perfect in my newly decorated bedroom.


This giant gold sconce was leftover from my thrift store makeover, and I thought it paired very well with the fabrics of Mexico.  I plan on going back to Oaxaca soon to do more buying and dining on delicious Oaxaca cuisine, I can hardly wait!

It sure is great to be back!!


I’m back to blogging

Hi Guys, I sure have missed everyone!!   A lot has happened and I have much to share with you.  Still have a pack of dogs, and I am still helping Jane with Sea of Shoes (which is why I have a hard time blogging).   I hope some of you are following me on Instagram @atlantishome. Just a really quick post today–I just redid Carol’s bedroom into the guest room because she has moved out on her own.   I miss her terribly.   I hope to be back to blogging regularly–at least two or three times a week.  I …


Warby Parker is on a class trip across the United States.  Their most recent stop is Dallas, and they spent a rainy Saturday afternoon visiting and trying on glasses at my home.  Above, Shelly picks her favorite pair. Shelly has a new hair cut. Thanks to Jen, Taylor and Collin for a wonderful afternoon of all things Warby parker! Photos: Collin Hughes


The second half of my trip to the UK was spent in Wales.  We visited Carol’s school, Atlantic College which is housed in a twelfth century castle, complete with a jousting ground.  I was able to spend one cold afternoon exploring the grounds.  I took so many pictures, I think it will have to be a two part post.  Really incredible!  Carol feels so lucky to have had this opportunity to attend school in such a magical setting.  Carol’s dad is an earlier graduate of Atlantic College, and is actively trying to help them raise funds to restore the castle-it …


Happy 2013 to everyone!  I hope everyone had a wonderful year end.  I have missed you all.  I hope you all will forgive me for being the most delinquent poster of all time, but life has just gotten in the way over the last couple of months, however, I’m very happy to be back. Recently we all traveled to Carol’s school in Wales, and I wanted to share some photos of that amazing trip for my first post back.  First of all, let me say just how wonderful the UK and it’s people are.  I have never loved visiting a …


I’m so happy everyone enjoyed my last Thrift Store Essentials post.  I immediately started thinking it needed a part two and maybe part three right after I posted.  There are so many pieces at the thrift store that I see time and time again that could be a classic in most anyone’s closet.  Here are a few I spotted in one week: Jane is wearing a beautiful Burberry trench. Every time I stop at Genesis thrift store in Dallas, they will have at least one Burberry trench–sometime three or four to choose from.  This one is perfect, but Jane and …


Quick post before I begin the rest of an incredibly busy week.  I’m almost done shooting my thrifting post, so promise to have that up soon.  These were pictures snapped right before the Kelly Wearstler/Reward Style event last week. Wearing Comme des Garcons jacket that is one of my favorite pieces in the world.  Skirt by Raquel Allegra, available at V.O.D. boutique in Dallas, and Giuseppe Zanotti buckle shoes.


Oct. 17th was the most clever name I could come up with for this post because the photos really have no rhyme nor reason.   They were taken when Jane and I were out running errands, and I kind of liked this outfit, so thought I would share. Carol is home for fall break, so I am ecstatic to see her! Carrying one of my favorite old bags–it’s by Golden Bleu.  Wonder if they are still around?  I always liked that company. Trying on a sweater at H&M with my vintage fur collar.  Hope to get my second Thrift Store …


  Kim and Shelly sharing a little peanut butter from a spoon.  They’re always up for taking silly dog pictures. Really Kim? Jane’s new dog, Melanie.  Such a precious girl. Jane and I didn’t even realize how much Kim and Melanie looked alike until we saw a photo of them side by side–that’s just how captivated we are with Mel’s sweet personality.  We celebrated her adoption with a birthday cake. I was happy that my Thrift Store Essentials post was such a hit–I’m busy working on Thrift Store Essentials Part Two.  Off to work!  Everyone have a great day.   …


I wanted to share with you my new favorite consignment store in Dallas.  Give and Take.  Located on Riverfront in the Dallas Design District, Give and Take consigns high end classics from the 50’s to the 80’s along with funky accent tables, art, lamps and more.  Owner, Jean Nelson takes great care in arranging small vignettes throughout the shop to showcase her great collection–but don’t skip the back room where you’ll find more treasures waiting to hit the floor. Check out the Vladimir Kagan sofa above covered in a slinky faux python. This pair of chrome lamps retails for $700. …