I had such a blast in New York this past trip.  I want to thank Helen and Corinne from Me speaking

 I really enjoyed participating in the lively discussions, and look forward to more! The conference was a huge success, and all of the panelists bought their unique perspective.  So enjoyed hearing Susan Koger from Mod Cloth, and Dave Cook from The Find. 

Chictopia 2 

Jane and I always stay at the Soho Grand while in NY, and I want to thank them for a great visit–as usual…..

View from grand 

Here is the view from our room–Jane edited this photo a bit, but it was right before the snow, and the sky had such a cartoonish look….


Loved all of the Alice in Wonderland posters plastered all over….


The Gang—Lucrecia from Fashion is Poison, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, Gennie from Maison de Reveries, and Esti from BuyDefinition in Austin.  

On a sadder note—-It was great to be in NY, but certainly the untimely death of Alexander McQueen left a dark cloud hanging over Fashion Week.  Driving by his store in the meat packing district was very emotional…the void his death has left was palpable in NY. 


I know Gucci announced this morning that the brand will continue, and I'm sure it was not an easy decision to make either way.  I for one am happy to hear that McQueen will carry on–there are so many people working at Alexander McQueen, and what a relief that they may not lose their jobs.  I'm going to hope for the best.  Alexander McQueen is irreplaceable.  There is no one person that could step into his shoes–I think an entire team will be needed to try to begin again.  I wish the line all the success in the world!

One of my readers just pointed out that my jacket was actually Proenza–I checked Style.com–she is right!!  I took it down.  I bought the jacket with no label at Neimans last call, and was told it was McQueen.  Thank you so much Caroline for pointing this out–an now I don't even have a piece of McQueen.  So sad……