I'm always a year or two late discovering TV shows, and a little embarrassed to admit I just started watching Mad Men.  Jane and downloaded two seasons of it, and we're definitely hooked.  

New logo 

Group shot mad men 

I love all of the dresses the girls wear, and how the guys were always in suits….

Don draper
Don Draper has to be the sexiest TV character– ever…..

Drink menu mad men 

Here is Sally Draper's drink menu–remember the days when parents had the kids mix cocktails for all of their friends?  Nothing wrong with kids learning marketable skills–right?  

Illustrated mad men
I lived this era as a child and find it fascinating to watch Mad Men–so much of it is exactly as I remembered.  The props department does such an incredible job of finding relics from the 60's.  I can't wait for scenes shot in Bert Cooper's office…all of the amazing artwork.  So I'm curious to know–who is your favorite Mad Men character?

Bert office

Jane and I leave for NY Friday.  Please join us at the Logo