Recently I found this incredibly insane Chanel faux fur jacket on E-bay for $199.00!!  I really couldn't believe it!  You never know what you will find on E-bay.  After a bit of research, I discerned this jacket was from the Fall/94 collection.  I'm so excited to have this piece in my vintage collection–it's outrageously fun!

Chanel dino 2 

Close up of dino and chanel 

Chanel gold chain
It still has the original $2600 price tag from the Chanel Boutique!

A few days ago, Caroline from the blog Chanel 942 

Chanel 943 

Chanel 944 

Chanel 945 

Chanel941 good 

Chanel 946 

Chanel 947
Furry pink shelf 

Very excited about tonight.  Carol is auditioning for a musical at her school.  She is so brave–I would have never had the courage at 15 to stand up and sing in front of my school.  I'm so proud of her.  Jane and I are taking her out to dinner to celebrate after….