Right after Christmas I met up with Crystal from  Crystal, carol, judy 

Crystal, Carol and me……

Again design studio 

Again Design Studio–my favorite!!

Crystal carol 

Carol loves to shop here too…

Agian design 2 

Pillows made from vintage scarves–they sound kind of fragile, but they are actually tough and durable.

Carol and me
I'm wearing a Moschino safety pin jacket….Carol is wearing BCBG.  Rachel Merrill from Drawing judy 

from this photo–


Sketch of Jane…..

Drawing jane 

From this photo…they are really good!

Jane pic 

Jane just posted about her love of Arapaima.  It reminded me of the first time she saw one.  She must have been 2 or 3, and we were at the Ft. Worth Zoo.  They had an Arapaima, and Jane would watch it for hours if we allowed her to–she was completely fascinated with this huge fish.  She would get so excited when he came to the top, and you could actually get an idea of how massive this not yet full grown fish was.  We had to hold Jane tightly for fear she would jump in to swim with it.  He's gone from the Ft. Worth Zoo, and we wondered what ever happened to this incredibly beautiful fish.  Jane's dad did some checking and found that this very fish has moved to the Dallas World Aquarium.  Jane will be so glad to know she can visit it once again.  


They are extremely sensitive fish, and moving them even a short distance is extremely risky.  When the Ft. Worth Arapaima was moved, it took a semi to transport it,  a diver stayed with it all night to make sure it went to the surface to breathe, and it would not eat for a full week.  Apparently the fish is doing well now, and they have added more Arapaimas to the exhibit.  They really are something to see.  I guess we will have a reason to go the Dallas World Aquarium soon…they also have the most amazing exhibit of Sea Dragons.  I had never seen a Sea Dragon, and I'm not quite sure I knew they existed, but they have a nice sized exhibit at the DWA, and they make the trip worthwhile.   


Two more sketches.  Jane and I have received so many lovely sketches lately!  I really enjoy posting them.  Of course it's very flattering to think that someone would take the time to draw a picture of you or your dress, but I really enjoy seeing the different drawing styles, and just the incredible amount of young talent that is out there!  These sketches are from Anna, who has a great blog called Chanel 

I love the way she did color on the vintage Scaasi gown.  Thanks Anna.  Hope everyone is starting off their weekend right.  We were supposed to be in Los Angeles, but we cancelled the trip because Carol got sick.  No fun without her–so I'm home just trying to get caught up.  

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