I feel like I have neglected my blog all week.  I've been so busy with Christmas and helping Jane out, and of course the site too.  I recently found this vintage lapin coat on E-bay.  Lapin is nothing but sheared rabbit, but somehow lapin sounds better.  This coat is so obviously from the 80's—I love the exaggerated swing.  Here is a link to the sellers Fur1 


This coat is so warm too.  We've had an unusually cold winter this year…


My favorite Chloe boots.  Jeans from Madewell.  I love their jeans.  They come in different lengths, and are quite affordable.  I'm over ridiculously priced jeans.

By the way, Karen and I are going to shut the site down for the year on Monday morning, and Monday will be our last day to ship, so if you're thinking about anything, you'll want to make your purchase before Monday morning.  To date–all orders have been shipped, and are on their way!

We plan to re-open early January with a big sale!