As you all probably know by now, my home was built in the 70's, and this was long before walk in closets were considered a necessity.  Actually in my house they were barely considered at all.  I've done some renovations to improve my storage, but there is never enough closet space. I really love my home but,  even if I dreamed up the perfect closet, there would be no place to put it in my home….I feel like this most days.

Apartment therapy 

photo: apartment therapy

I found some images of my dream closets….


This could be a little too organized for me.  Domino Magazine.


This would be fantastic…that's probably the size of my living room.


Actually, mine looks a little like Nicole's–just smaller.  (get wooden hangers Nicole!)


Rachel Zoe in her closet—I imagine this is a tiny fraction of her wardrobe, love her purple dress.

Jenna lyons closet 

This is my ultimate dream.  A dressing room with a big comfy sofa.  This would be perfect! Jenna Lyons dressing room–I think this was featured in Domino.  

Thanks for all of the recommendations for tailors in Dallas!