Well, we made it here.  The Xanax was a great thing for this nervous flyer.  Paris is just as I remembered—crazy beautiful!!  It's cold, but it only makes it more romantic.  A few shots from what was really our first day–Wednesday.  Tuesday was a bit of a wash, we were all so tired from flying.   First thing Wed. morning–a fitting at  Chanel, then a visit to Coco Chanel's apartment!!   I couldn't believe it!!  Here I am sitting on Coco Chanel's sofa, in her salon where she would receive very special customers…

Co co's apt 

Wow–I will remember this moment forever.  

Coco shot 

Coco dining room 

Visiting Coco Chanel's apartment was one of the most special moments that I have ever experienced–Thank you so much Chanel for all of your kindness during the Crillon Ball–you all have made it effortless!!  

Staying out of the rain
 Getting out of the rain after Jane's fitting…..

Rue cambon 2 

Carol wanted to do some shopping at Galleries Lafayette.  Here are some photos of their annual Christmas display…


I have more pictures–but my Internet is soooo slow–I'll try for more later, or just wait till I'm home.  I hope these download easily for everyone!!  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving–everyone have a great holiday, and eat a little turkey for me.  Not sure what I'll be eating for Thanksgiving dinner, but I am in Paris afterall–it can't be bad!!

The site opens tomorrow with all or our new things at 8:00 PM central…….