Toy joy

While we were in Austin, we stopped at the most incredible toy store–2 headed baby 

Best octopi 

That is a lot of octopi….

Best white cats 


Godzilla having a snack…Not to worry, they have plenty more babies..


Tiger heads 

Tiger boas–would have been great for Halloween…I'll have to remember that for next year.

Better cash register 

Battle at the cash register…


Of Course I had to get a couple of plastic dinosaurs…


They even have a cafe!!  I tried the bubble tea..once was enough.

Babies under glass

If you're planning a trip to Austin, put Toy Joy on your list of places to go…you won't be disappointed!

Furbanner copy 

Finally got the vintage furs up on the site, so have a look if you get a chance.  We will be shutting the site down in a week or so to get ready for our holiday offering—I've got a pretty great collection started!!  

**To Hannah H.  Remember the belt we discussed?  I had some made if you are still in need, just send me an e-mail–sorry, when I went back to Mac–lost your e-maill address.