I get 100 percent of my news on line, and for the past couple of months, when I click on a news video I want to see, I'm assaulted with visions of the Charmin Ultra Bears over and over again–and this one in particular.


I don't think I need to say anything else—enough already!!  Talk about too much information!  While I'm ranting a bit—this little phrase is really getting to me as well….

 "I wanted to reach out to you." 

 I get several e-mails from people wanting to reach out to me everyday.  They want to reach out and advertise, or reach out and tell me about a great business idea, or reach out and tell me about my inheritance left behind in Nigeria.  Enough!


It's okay to send an e-mail, or call on the phone, but no reaching out please.  It just sounds creepy.