From Alabama Chanin.  Just got an e-mail from them, and went to the site, great stuff!

A few new things on my own site, more to come soon.  We took a lot of photos on Friday, and half of them were just horrible, so reshooting, weather permitting, today. 

On to another subject, and I know this will be a sensitive one–Blogs are still a relatively new thing, and the fact that readers can participate by leaving comments has opened up a whole new world–some of that world is not so pretty.  Most of the comments on my blog are pretty tame, but I have read comments on other blogs that are beyond mean, and some are just sycophantish,  but there are some that are truly constructive and interesting.  Sometimes people will post links to relevant things, and I find those useful and enjoyable, but I sure don't enjoy visiting a blog and reading mean, pointless comments.

Jane and I choose not to screen our comments because we feel if we are putting ourselves out there, people should be able to say what they want.  We will certainly remove comments that we think might be offensive to people.  My only real complaint about comments is that as the creator of my blog, I feel sometimes comments change the content of a blog.  I hope that makes sense.  One of my favorite blogs just removed the comment section of her blog, and I totally support her decision.  I can see where some blogs could reach that point.  I know that so many of you have blogs of your own, and I would LOVE to hear you feedback about comments.  I'm not trying to stir any controversy, I would love to open up a constructive conversation and hear your thoughts on comments!  

Now then–I'm off to get a Mac.  After a couple of months trying to get happy with a PC, I give up!!!  I hate it!  I want a Mac again….