This seemed like an appropriate picture to post this gloomy Monday morning.  My friend Kelly snapped this picture at the White Elephant Antique Mall on Saturday while we were doing some shopping and having lunch.  It's been raining here in North Texas for what seems like ages now.  Last Thursday it poured down rain all night, and flooded my living room.  I have one of those great sunken 70's living rooms, which isn't really so great standing in water.  Thank goodness for concrete floors!  

Thanks so much to everyone for the success of the belt sale this weekend!  All I can say is WOW!  I have not put all of my belts up yet, I should have another offering before Christmas.  All belts sold this weekend are going out today.

Jane and I leave for NY in the morning and will try to keep updated while there.  

Lastly, reader Joy sent me this link for a new on line magazine created by former Domino staffers.  Really nice, and I hope they have great success!  I miss Domino Magazine.  Here is the link:

Lonny Mag

Forgot one last thing–my address is not working!  (i was not at all aware of this)  Hope to get that straightened out soon–technology is so frustrating!  In the meantime, you can always reach me at

One more update:  Just realized it's Columbus day, so no postal service.  Boxes will go out in the morning!