I have posted many pictures of my Christopher Ross belt collection, but another line of vintage belts that I'm pretty passionate about is Laloon.  Laloon is a mysterious line, and almost impossible to find.  I have managed to collect only 5 of them over time.  Pictured below is my elephant.  It's hard to tell how large he is, but he's huge, 8 inches wide.

Best elephant

Silver tiger

Brass tiger

The lion.  This one has a very interesting face.

Best lion

Lastly…the Horse.  I've been looking for the horse forever.  I was so excited to see it on E-bay.  I knew it existed, but I had never seen it until mine arrived.  It's really incredible.  It's 10 inches by 5 inches.  Really massive.  They are all like small animal sculptures…I think that's why I like them so much.  I'm assuming they were all made in the 80's, but it's impossible to find even a scrap of information about Laloon.  If anybody out there knows more, please share.

Best horse

I just took a load of Mimi buckles to the local shoe repair to have belts made for them..I should have them up on the site in a couple of weeks.  There are a lot of great tigers and other cats.  I'll let you know when they are up.