Back in Texas for not quite a day.  We got in late last night, and were met by a very unwelcome visitor.  We found a nice sized copper head curled up on our front porch.  Being the big sissies we are, we called the police.  The great thing about living in a small town is that the police don't have much to do. They were thrilled to get the call. We had two squad cars at our door in less than a minute–I'm not kidding.  It took the two officers a good while to get the snake wrangled, and I'm completely against killing any living thing, but, poisonous snakes have to go.

Snake shot

Once I finally made it inside, I was so excited to find that I had a package from 2 necklaces


This is my bracelet….

Erica close up

Erica necklace


All of my goodies…

Ring best

Erica and Dustin Nelson also make this great line of rings for Hitchcock.

Druzy quartz rings. Druzy is the name of the natural sugar like formation in the quartz.

I'm so excited that they sent one to me!  They retail for under $250.00, and come in many different colors.  

Contact Hitchcock.     Phone-206 838 7173  Seattle

I'm off to NY for just a couple of days.