Carol and I were hanging out last night watching the genius that is 260x200_snellgrove

 Monster Quest inspired this post for me.  It got me to thinking—is there  any fashion trend so bad that it could be called "monstrous?."  So hideous that a sighting of one of these things could call for a team of investigators?   A trend so ridiculous that it could spawn a really bad reality TV series?

Picture 1

Of course there is—Rompers!!  It's not just the hideousness of these rompers, it's all of the cutesy things that go with them.  Even the word "romper" is off putting.  Who wants to wear anything called a romper?  Anyone over the age of 10 caught wearing one of these should be locked up in a maximum security nursery.  Rompers Please Go Away!   And For Good This Time!!

Carol and I are having a Monster Quest-athon tonight–can't wait!

Thanks Carol for the romper collage!