We made it home!  The trip was an experience of a lifetime, but I'm very happy to be home.  I missed Carol so much, and worried about my doggies.  They are all fine, and glad to have mom home again.  

While in Japan I looked for shelter magazines, but was not able to find too many, and sadly the quality of most of them was not as great as I expected.  I did find a copy of Elle Decor Japan, or as they call ElleDeco.  I chose a few pictures to scan.  There were not many actual homes featured in this issue, I don't know if that is usual or not.  I would have loved to see inside of more homes while I was there.
Cover elle

White rooms

Elle japan2

Elle japan

Elle japan 3

Elle japan 5
There were a few orders that came in from PlainObjects while I was gone, and all items have been shipped.  Thanks for being patient while I was away.  
All for now……