Jane and I were exploring a new neighborhood Friday, when we happened upon the oddest thing.  Right in the middle of Tokyo is a company called Bess, where you can order your own little log cabin, solar home, or a miniature swiss chalet.  This is the kind of thing that will happen only in Tokyo.  Strangely enough, Jane and I bought along the entire boxed set of Twin Peaks–it struck us a little unusual to run into this…

Big totem

Here is the entrance of Bess.  You can view the model homes, and they were very kind to let us take as many photos as we wanted.
Green guy
I'm not sure what this is…
Wooden bear


Fu dog
It was a little surreal.  We went inside a couple of the homes…
Kithcen 2


Fake dog
Fake dog…
Living room

Washing machine
Outdoor seating


Nao sized house
Nao found a house her size….more later.  xoxox