First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments regarding the photos of Tokyo.  It's been so much fun to be able to share them with you!  I'm so pleased that you all like them.  Jane and I were out and about the last two days, and here is a sampling of what we saw.   First thing Tuesday, we had a vegetarian feast at Brown Rice Cafe.  One of Jane's readers recommended this restaurant, and we're so glad she did!

Brown rice cafe

Garden at brown rice
I had the best steamed chai soy milk topped with cinnamon and cardamon.
We also orderer steamed veggies and vegetable curry…..
Steamed veggie

Veggie curry
Lastly, rice pockets…
Brown rice pockets
It was all delicious!  Next, to Crayon's.  A really great toy and book store….
Crayon house
Seating for every size….
People bench
Jane and I were both a little homesick, so we decided an adoption was in order–meet Nao.  We had no idea the impact Nao would have on people when we took her out on the street…
Finding cat
I promptly stuck her in my big black purse…
Cat in purse
Nao quickly made a lot of friends…
4 guys with nao
These guys couldn't wait to ham it up for the camera…
4 guys
We stopped at the most fabulous antique store.  Unfortunately no photos other than outside the shop.  It really was something fantastic.  They have invited us for a noodle festival on Saturday.  The cute girl working in the shop fell for Nao….
Antique store and nao
Elephant/Alien outside the shop…I like this!
Elephant alien
Jane loves Nao too…
Jane loving cat
Jane being photographed for a street style magazine.  The photographer insisted that Nao be in the shot.
Jane street style shot
Here I am trying to capture a few shots…
Me shooting
Nao meeting cute girls…
Nao making friends
Lastly we went to see our friends at Anniversaire…
Kohta holding Nao…
And Kieko…Doesn't she have the most beautiful face?   
Nao close up
Nao heads home… When we entered the lobby, the staff thought we were bringing in a real cat.  I handed Nao to one of the girls, and she screamed out loud.  I wish I had captured that on film.  It was priceless.  We all had a good laugh when everyone realized Nao is simply a toy.  (but maybe not)  more later.  xoxox