When Jane and I discovered LGB (Le Grand Bleu) at Maxfield's in LA, we were both pretty excited to find out it originated in Japan.  Finding the line proved to be incredibly difficult, but Jane stayed up one night sleuthing on the Internet and was able to discover three stores here in Japan owned by LGB.  We are transfixed.  Jane goes into detail about this line that we are so in awe of, so I won't repeat everything again.  Full shot pants

I love the apocalyptic feel the pants have with the attached bag. It makes me think of something very futuristic, or even MadMax.  
Close up of pants
More detail shots.  Love the bondagey straps.  Aren't they great?
Side detail
From behind…
Back detail
Worn with Stella's, Topshop tee, and vintage sequined jacket.  

Jane and I have not been this excited about a line in a long time!  I'm going back again today just to take in the ambience–LGB is more than just a great looking line of clothing, it's more like a peek into an exceptional, futuristic way of life.