Jane and I picked up a few toys for Carol, cough cough, that's right, for Carol.  The toys are so fun and imaginative here.  I could toy shop for days.  It makes me wish I still had young children…but not for too long.

Large arms
We had to have this guy for our  dinosaur collection.
Making a second appearance.  I'm at a lost for words.  Any ideas?
Pick up chicks
This is my favorite.  An alternative to our "pick up sticks," it's "pick up chicks."  Too cute right?  There is some type of scoring system, give me a little time, I'm sure I'll figure it out….
with these easy to follow instructions.  On second thought, I'll just make my own rules.  At least Jane and I have something to do next time it rains.
Guinea pigs
Cuddly guinea pigs or hamsters?  I'm not sure, but they seem to be hugely popular here.
Lastly–this cute little humanoid.  

A couple of people have asked how they are responding to the passing of Michael Jackson here.  I'm not so sure, I can't figure out how to turn on our TV.  It was on the front page of my morning paper, and I know he was very popular here, but it seems nothing like the outpouring of grief occurring in the US.  Jane and I found out first thing yesterday morning, and we were shocked and saddened.  RIP Michael, and Farrah too!!