Cute Dogs and Other Things

Out and about again on Omotesandso.  Jane and I have explored some other areas too, but you can't beat Omotesando for capturing those great shots.  Have I mentioned how  many cute dogs are running around?


This guy was not as mean as he looks, he's actually shaking off the rain…
Too cute…

Snapped two strange rabbits in store windows…
Better black rabbit
This store was called "Drug Honey."
Pink rabbit

Bio lunch
Speaking of strange…I could have had a Bio Lunch yesterday.  I passed and had vegetarian curry with Jane.  Shopping at Tornado Mart…Tornado mart
Cute girls on the street….
Cute girl

Guys all in black…
4 guys
Look at these adorable waiters at Anniversaire.  How cute are they?
Cute waiters
More later…xoxox