From Los Angeles…..

Hi Everyone!  We made to to LA.  The weather is perfect!  

Ysl glasses 2
We're here only a short time, so we wasted no time hitting a few favorites.  Carrying MMM yellow clutch.  Wearing my usual watch with Natalia Brilli "Nolex."
Mmm cltch 3
Close up….First stop Maxfield's.  Amazing things, and they're having  a great sale.  Love the sculptures out front…
Carol looking pretty……

Next we headed just down the street to the MOST amazing vintage boutique.  Vintage ysl bolero
Yes, this vintage YSL Bolero came home with me…it's a good thing, I'm looking pretty intense about it.
I loved this Bill Blass…
And this.
Too die4
Jane will have more to say about  this incredible boutique.  I hope to see a lot of  Sielian in the future…Finally lunch at Sur.
Sur 2

Beautiful place with great food..
The girls….The girls
More later!