Jane and I were out this morning running errands to get ready for our trip to Japan.  We did a little work over lunch…

I'm wearing vintage jeans, vintage flannel, and a very old Donna Karan jacket–and my new Pamela Love claw necklace…
Jane wore this fabulous vintage leopard faux fur jacket….she is always cold.  
 I took my Alejandro Inglemo boots out these.

Walking along
So cute!  They're actually quite comfortable too.  Here is a better photo…
We're leaving next Sunday!  Can't wait.  

I know I have neglected the site as of late, we have had a lot going on.  I hope to update one more time before I go.  When I get back from Tokyo, I have full time help coming on board, so it will not be so neglected.  The Dry Goods will come on line too.  I'm really looking forward to getting back to work on this!!  This is why I have not put my links on the blog–all will happen soon.  

You all have a fantastic weekend!   judy