Carol’s Been Busy……

Carol came home from school early yesterday and baked two beautiful three layer cakes.  They were so yummy…..Honestly, she is going to have to find a lower calorie hobby.

Carol cake 2
Such pretty spring colors.  She made homemade buttercream frosting too….
Carol cake
Carol also recently attended her spring dance and wore this great Betsey Johnson dress.  Carol loves Betsey Johnson and it looks so good on her….
Carol bestsey 2
I adore this dress!  So Carol…It's really great that Jane and Carol have their own style.  Even with Jane's blog becoming so popular, Carol strives very hard to have her own look which is so different from Jane's.  
Carl bestsey
Betsey shoes too…
Betsey shoes
So cute!  Tomorrow is finally the last day of school….I can hardly wait!

Someone had asked if the GoldenGoose boots were comfy…YES!!  Amazingly so…Also, here is a great blog. I'm sure some of you have seen it.  Advanced Style.  This is a blog of street style, but only elderly people.  Trust me–a blog for any age.  I love it.  It reminds us not to ever take ourselves too seriously.