White Elephant

Met up with my friend Samantha yesterday for a trip to the White Elephant in Dallas.  Samantha has been telling me about this place, but this was my first trip.  It was fantastic!  A destination spot if you like the weird and macabre.  (like me!)  I snapped a few photos…

2 lions
I really flipped over these life size cement garden lions.  Pardon all the shots, but I just couldn't get over them!
Side lion

Lion face

French chairs
Great antique chairs….
Random stuff
The top of something….
Alligator horns
Great grouping of odd things….
Taxidermy heads…
This sculpture reminded me of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas–it's made of copper and some type of cement…..I really like the strangeness here.  Imagine this piece in the right setting…pretty great!!
Crazy doll
I also really liked this doll or puppet.  It's from the 80's–it's so fun in a really creepy way.
Lots of large cats…

Great Apothecary bottles…..I may have to go back and get that weird doll……