Thanks for all of the input on my kitchen cabinets.  After much thought, I decided to go with the open shelving.  My very old cabinet fronts were going to be a little tricky, and expensive to face with glass panels.  I'm really liking the open shelving!


These are the existing cabinets finished out.  We tried to use as little new building material as possible.

Cabinets 2 

I opened  two more cabinets on the opposite side of the sink.  Here is my new light fixture awaiting a lot of work.  I love it!  The crystals will be attached Monday.  I'll get more pictures then. 

 Most of the kitchen has not been grouted yet.  I decided on a canvas colored grout, and it looks really nice.  We used extra large shims when laying the tile for a more "brick" like look.

(sorry for the murky lighting)

Cabinet 3

Pots and pans 

I was going to replace my pot holder with a new light fixture over the table, but I can't part with it. I use it constantly.   One of the lights had permanently burned out, so it was taken down and rebuilt, and now it's good as new!


Hope everyone had a great weekend, and that you're in much cooler weather than we are here in North Texas!