Yesterday my cabinets were primed, and the new tile was installed on the backsplash and all the way up to the ceiling.  (Thanks Sam for that idea.)  I used just basic subway tile that Home Depot stocks.  

Kitchen 1 

The cabinets are just primed, and there is no grout in the tile yet.  These are my existing Corian counter tops–I love Corian, you can't kill it even if you try.

Kitchen 2 

Carol and I are wondering if we should have knocked out just a few cabinets to make some open cabinet shelfs?  Thoughts?  It's not too late, as we have not grouted.

Kitchen 3 

I will get better photos, but it's hard to beat your iphone when it comes to wide angle shots!  

Jane and I had a quick trip to New York.  So great to catch up with everyone, but honestly, it was so HOT!!  Our hotel upgraded our room and gave us a corner room.  This sounded great, but the gigantic windows made the room feel like a terrarium.  We could not get the temperature below 80 degrees.  Note to self–no corner rooms in NY in the summer.

Glad to be home enjoying a rare cool front in Dallas.

Trying to catch up on e-mail, I'm way behind!