Perfect Vintage Shirt Dress

I recently found two vintage shirt dresses that I love.  I'm wearing one of them today.  I've always liked this look, and this dress is perfect.  It's actually made of polyester, so it's very wash and wear.  I'm definitely taking this to Tokyo this summer….


Isn't this an incredible belt?  It's very, very heavy.   I have recently purchased several belts from a private collection in LA.  All of the belts were purchased in the 80's, and it's a really interesting grouping.  I'm excited to put these belts on Close up
Carrying my favorite oversized Chloe bag.  Those are not Jane's glasses, they're my bifocals, and sadly, I need new lenses for them–I'm really going blind!
Prada sandal
These Pradas are almost old enough to be vintage–but I still wear them all the time.  One of my favorite pairs of Pradas….Shirt dress
I put several new things on the Group chains