Prada Bunny Shoe

I purchased the Prada bunny shoe. (That's what I call them)  I can't believe I did it, but when I saw them this past weekend at our Neiman's Last Call, I just couldn't resist them.  I made so much fun of this shoe when it came out!  So why was it that when I saw a  pair on the shelf, all cuddled up in their little shoe box that I just had to have them?  It was something of the collector in me I'm pretty sure…..

They are so cute!!  I'll admit too that when Tommy featured these on hisPradaruffle
I love both colors…..and the detail of the ruffle is really compelling….They have a really great look.  I'm smitten.
Ruffle detail
So tired of the rain in Dallas…here is a ridiculous picture of Sash sunbathing taken a couple of weeks ago.  (I just wanted to remember what sun looked like)