Sprouse is Home and Other Things

Lots of things to update you all on.  First of all, the Stephen Sprouse jacket arrived home from Ohio today.  The fabulously talented Edith Kovacs did the painstaking re-weaving, and she did an amazing job.  I was really on the fence on whether this jacket should be saved or not, but I'm so glad I chose to do the restoration and that I found Edith.  I'm listing Edith's website with her permission so you will all have an amazing fabric re-weaver at your finger tips.  Chetta b

Cheeta b moving
For some reason, Jane and I have both decided we need to have a great faux fur for fall.  We've had lots of fun looking and here is one of our finds…..
Faux fur
I found a great cranberry colored faux fur, and I will model it soon.  I just love that the colors are so unrealistic.  When is the last time you saw a cranberry or forest green colored animal?  That's the fun of faux fur…We are also loving black and white.  Could be Dries Van Noten's current collection, but we have come across some great vintage pieces in stark black and white, and I'm loving the contrast!
Black and white
Vintage skirt…
Black and white2
Great 80's piped black and white jacket with Christopher Ross belt.  Also……
Tara at Leviticus Jewelry
sent us some really fun necklaces.  Carol is wearing the vampire teeth, and they are so cute.  The teeth are actually hinged, so they move back and forth.  Check out her site, she is a Texas girl.  Thanks Tara!