I have read a lot about Raw Food–but this was my first time to try it.  Jane and I were invited by the BagSnob. Always so much fun to catch up with her!!  Here are pictures of all of the things we ordered.  The restaurant is called Bliss.  You can view their site here. Bliss is 100% vegan.

This is the Bliss California roll.

Next, we tried a few soups.  Above is Gazpacho….Jane tried Avocado soup below, but I think we liked the BagSnob’s curry soup best.  No picture unfortunately.

We then moved on to lunch entrees….

Pad Thai made from squash and zucchini.  Lots of great dipping sauces!

Delicious tacos.  The shells are made of nuts and sweet potato!

Lastly, we tried one of their desserts..this is a vegan chocolate cheese cake.

I must give credit to Jane for all of this beautiful photography!