80’s Gypsy

I've been busy going through my vintage pieces for the site, and I came across these two amazing 80's peasant dresses.  The first dress is kind of insane.  Ruffles everywhere.  I love this dress!!  It really epitomizes the 80's….


This was actually a famous style of dress made popular in the 80's and by whom I cannot recall.  Readers?  This dress is actually a knock off of that style I believe.  Still great on it's own.
Super 80s
It really is over the top…
8-'s hair
Heather's anyone?

This blue and white dress is a little more subdued, but the perfect 80's piece.  So simple.  


Twirl 2
The skirt is amazingly full…
Blue close up
I'm crazy for a dolman sleeve done right…
I'll have both of these up on the site tomorrow……I'll let you know when I update.

Worn with Balenciaga sandals.