Friday Things….

Made a quick trip into Dallas today to re-stock my favorite of all t-shirts. 

The Sexuali-Tee from American Apparel.   Has anyone else tried these?  I hate the name, but the shirts are great.  They are made of viscose so they're really swingy and drapey.  They are also quite large, if you were petite, they could be worn as a dress.  I love them!  The price is great too at $34.00.  

I also picked up these cute cropped jeans at Madewell.  They are in the current Bazaar.
Cute outfit!  They are listed at $98.50, but they are on promotion right now for $69.00.  Great deal!
Also…tomorrow is my Birthday!  I don't even like to think about birthday's anymore, but what a great excuse to indulge myself.  (I'll take any excuse)  I went on E-bay this morning and purchased these incredible Martin Margiela vampire airbrushed sandals….

Happy Birthday to me!!!  Can't wait. These are so me…I had to have them.  Can anyone tell me what season these are from?
 Carol and I have been watching old episodes of the X-files, and I was definitely inspired to purchase these because of the episode where Mulder falls for the fragile vampire, not to mention the Christopher Kane Planet of the Apes printed pieces.  I love all these harsh graphic images…
Finally…my sconces are up and functional.  I had the wires run through the wall and put on a switch.  I'm really liking these.  They were perfect for my entryway.

A really tight close up…

A few other things…

The Stephen Sprouse jacket is on it's way to Ohio to an expert re-weaver to see what can be done.  I should get a verdict shortly.  I'll let you all know.

The store will be updated Sunday–so have a look.

Someone commented about men's clothes.  I wish I could, I would need a pair of male eyes to go with me on buying trips, but definitely something to think about.

And lastly–I was asked about the painting in my dining room a while back.  It's actually not a painting, but an old chalkboard from a defunct machine shop.
Sorry it took so long to reply.  I hope you all have a great weekend planned…judy