I was so excited to find a vintage Stephen Sprouse wool biker jacket from the 80's!!!  Sadly, or should I say tragically, the moths had a party in this jacket.  

Spephen sprouse portriat
It's hot pink with an acid orange satin lining…


Jane tried it on…..
I'm going to take this treasure to a fabric re-weaver and see what can be done for it.  I wouldn't mind spending quite a bit to restore it to it's former  glory. (not to mention, a very thorough dry cleaning)  I still have my original hairy glitter Stephen Sprouse jacket from the 80's…
Harry glitter
With all of the Louis Vuitton  Stephen Sprouse inspired pieces out there–I think this makes his original pieces much more collectible.

I actually really like the graffiti bags to look at, I don't think I could carry one though.
I'll let you all know how my jacket turns out.  I plan on putting this on  If it can be restored, terrific!  If not, I plan to put it on the site anyway, and sell it "as is" and priced accordingly.  Either way, this wonderful piece will be finding a new home.  I think it could a fabulous DIY project if it cannot be restored.  Maybe some graffiti patches and studding, or maybe just kept as is and a little grungy.  

Lastly–Thank You all so much for the incredible kick off of  It has been much more successful than I imagined.  Thanks for all your patience, we have had a few glitches, but things are going much more smoothly now.  Keep checking, I'm home today photographing lots of new things!  They should be up in a couple of days…