New CDG’s…..

I decided against the beuatiful Dries sandals that I had posted earlier–they did not fit me well at all.  Because I'm first cousin to sasquatch, I have to go up to size 11 in Dries, and that heavily beaded part that goes around your ankle just flopped around on me..

So Instead, I had Stacy from Barney's order these fabulous CDG brogues.
I just got them.  Aren't they cute?   The girls and I went out for some thrifting and lunch today, so I wore them, and they're so comfortable.
At Genesis wearing Balenciaga leather jacket…we saw a reader there.  I didn't catch her name, but it's so fun to run into your readers…lunch was next.  I'm afraid we waited too long, and we were starving by the time we sat down…
Yummy cheesebread….


Biscotti and chocolate sauce…
Carol had spaghetti…
Cheesecake too…next we went to Anthropologie..Anthro
and Rugby..
cool sofa…..Jane just happened to have on her CDG electric blue sandals from spring last year, so we had to snap a photo of them together.  CDG makes truly inspirational shoes!  I think I will wear these forever…