My website is open…at last!!  For now there are just a few of the vintage items…but I will be adding a lot of things this coming week, including the Atlantis Dry Goods.  We begin our spring break today, and I'm staying home this year to work on the site!!  It was quite difficult to find a website designer, and in the end,  my dear Mom ended up building this website–I think she's done a terrific job!  Thanks Mom!!  She has all of the structure of the site finished, it's just about filling in the pieces now.

Go have a look.  Right now the site is under  It will be switched over to probably next week.  We had some problems with a server.  However, you will be able to access the site from both names.  (hope that's not too confusing)

**If you have  problems with any section of the site, please e-mail me immediately.  We've done a few test runs, but expect to have a few kinks initially.