Recently, we spent some time at the Foundry that does our casting.  Bryant Fine Art in Azle, Tx.  It was so fascinating to see the entire lost wax process.  It truly is a process that has not been touched by technology.  I felt like I could have been in a medieval village!  The above picture is a bar of bronze being warmed before it goes into the crucible.

Bronze bars await the pour.

Freshly cast horse heads–these are for another client of course.

Finished horse sculpture.

Melted bronze being poured from the crucible.

The poured bronze cooling.

Around the studio.

Pieces of a large horse statue that will be welded together later.

Removing the molds after the wax has been melted out of them.  The molds will be put in a trough, and melted bronze will be poured into them.  This is a very intense process, and everyone works very quickly.  It looked a bit dangerous too–we stayed out of harms way.

Here is the “burnout.”  This is when the wax is burnt out of the molds–you can see the very hot wax dripping into the pot.  This is when the wax is “lost.”

Here is one of our freshly polished bug pendants that Bryant Fine Art cast for us.  He, and many more are available on the site right now!  Go here to shop.

We have really enjoyed working with Bryant Fine Art–If you should ever have any casting needs, I highly recommend them!  Here is their contact info:

Bryant Fine Art-817 444 4341. E-mail Paul at Bryantbronze@yahoo.com