This is a great simple recipe to make as a light meal, or make the toast miniature, and serve as an appetizer.


Button mushrooms, diced

A pinch of garlic salt


Garlic clove

Baguette, sliced

Shredded parmesan cheese for topping

Set oven to broil.  Place sliced baguette on a baking sheet, and toast bread in the oven, turning slices so it will be browned on both sides.  In the meantime, saute diced mushrooms in butter, add a pinch of garlic salt.  (You could use fresh minced garlic too)  While mushrooms are cooking down, rub toasted baguette slices with garlic clove, then spread a little butter on each piece.  Top slices generously with mushroom mixture.  Next, top baguette slices with shredded parmesan cheese.  Return to oven still set on broil.  Leave in just until cheese melts and bread is crispy.