A Few More Pictures

Realizing the photos I posted earlier really didn't show much, I snapped a few more.  Carol and I had do a little putting away…..renovation is so messy.  I didn't paint the back wall of my home which is brick.  I left that white.  I'm not sure about it yet, although I don't think painting it the same color as the walls would have been a good option.  Perhaps a lighter shade or warmer?  Jill–I did think about changing the ceiling, however that is totally new territory for me–and suggestions?  

Not sure about the white with the grey….


I love how the Platner chair looks against the grey…..I'm a huge fan of Warren Platner.

I'm going to mop with Shelly later….Window

Feel free to give any comments or criticisms..I always love to hear what you all think…..