Shelly’s going to show us all in a few very short moves how to turn a useless dry cleaning bag into a perfectly suitable dog bed.

Watch closely.

Wah Lah!  Perfect!  Until…Staci comes along and steals it!

A fight ensues….

Hmmm…maybe chicken for dinner tonight.

Staci’s best pleading face.  “Why does Shelly get the plastic bag dog bed?”

Because she is such a genius!

Later Today, we will have some new things up on the site.  Jane and I have been cleaning our closets out, so this is just the beginning.  We also got in a couple of really nice vintage jewelry pieces. I’ll post when the new things are up.   Remember my packing post I promised? Well–my photos didn’t turn out.  We are leaving for Palm Beach tomorrow, so I will try again.  It’s a cold rainy day here in Dallas–I hope you all are keeping warm!

UPDATE:  New things on the site.