Jane and I attended the most beautiful dinner party Saturday night hosted by Tracy Smith, founder of vintage jewelry collection, House of Lavande. It was just the most amazing dinner party–Jane and I were so thrilled to be invited.  The view of the beach was breathtaking.

The gorgeous hostesses.

Jane and I sat in between Andrew Bevan for dinner.  He is always a blast!!

Kate Schelter on the dance floor.

Tracy Smith looking beautiful!

Garance Dore was there as well, and Jane and I had such a great time getting to know her–she is beyond charming!  I’m sure more pictures will surface, and I will post them as I find them.  Kicking myself for taking the evening off, and leaving my camera at the hotel.

Thanks so much Caroline for recommending “Church Mouse.”  Jane and I loved it, and went away with fabulous finds.

We’re back in cold, cold Dallas–already missing Palm Beach weather.

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