Renovation-Day 2

Finally the renovation project is under way.  The first thing we did was to close in my living room a bit.  Here is a picture taken before, and it's hard to see, but my living room is completely open.  I'm all for open spaces, however, there was no separation from the entry way–in fact, there is no entry way.  You open the front door and sort of fall into the entire house.  The girls and I have never liked this.  We wanted to make a little more formal and cozy at the same time—before:


Here is a picture of work in progress.  Todd, my carpenter, is building arches in between the area that runs along the so called entry way and the living room to form two distinct separate areas.  I hope this all makes sense.  I'll have more photos as we move along….
We are also adding arches to the openings that separate the dining room and living room so it doesn't look like several projects that never quite finished.