My friends have been asking me, "what's up with all of the cooking posts lately?"  I definitely go in spurts where I like to cook a lot, but I think it's mainly because Carol is out of school, and I have a cooking buddy.  Last night, we made a simple pasta dinner, and roasted a couple of heads of garlic too.  It was tasty.  

From the book 

Here is the picture from the book.  This is actually a book from Tricia Guild.  I don't know if any of you have looked at her books, I love them.  This one is called Country Color, I think.  In the back she has several great recipes.  Here is mine finished….


I will use a little stronger pasta next time.  Roasted Garlic….


We toasted a sliced baguette for the garlic, and served a soft chevre.

Toasted bread
I sliced up a head of radicchio, and sauteed it in a little olive oil.  This is very good!


Finished raddichio
Finished it off with a little salt and pepper.  Very rustic and hearty.

Carol and I also roasted red peppers.  I like to have these on hand to serve cold with baked chicken, or to throw into a greek salad.  They keep for several days.

Peppers in roasting dish 

Here they are fresh out of the oven.  Steam the peppers in a plastic bag or towel for 20 minutes, then remove the skins.  


Finished peppers
Stir in a little balsamic vinegar to counter the sweetness.