Carol has been preparing so many tasty meals lately, I decided to plant her a fresh herb garden over the weekend.  I love going out back and snipping off fresh herbs as opposed to perusing the often wilted, moldy offerings in the grocery store.  Here are some pictures of my gardening efforts.  (thanks Jane!)

I was lucky enough to find Chamomile this spring….

I still have dead plants all around me.  In the big freeze this winter, I lost several plants that I’ve had for years, and I’m kind of sad about that.

Beautiful catnip.  I have these two great little raised beds in my backyard that would be perfect for herbs, but I choose to plant them in tall pots.  See reason below…..

Shelly will carefully dig up every plant and bring them back in the house like the good little retriever she is.

Gorgeous sage found at Central Market for $1.50–same sized herbs were $3.50 at Home Depot!!  Get with the program Home Depot!!

Lots of Thyme…..

My sweet Townsend is getting so old…..

Jane just showed me this link.  Great way to help the people of Japan.