DIY T-Shirt

Being stuck indoors always motivates me to do something creative.  The other night Jane and I watched Matrix-Reloaded.  I was so inspired by the wardrobe!  Of course Keanu's black trench is amazing…




I love the overall steam punk vibe of this movie, and how all of the clothes looked like they were on the verge of coming feeling inspired I thought I might try to do a shredded t-shirt much like the one on Camille's blog.
I love how she did this–I watched her tutorial on line, but either I'm inept, or my t-shirt had too much elasticity….probably a bit of both.  Either way, I ended up with this….I got a little carried away on the studs.Studded

Not quite the same, but I kind of like it.  Thanks Jane!  Carol kept me company and studded her own converse tennishoes….Studded3