Jane and I decided to try  the 4 Hour Body book by Timothy Ferriss, after my next door neighbor recommended it to me.  One of the chapters in the book discusses at length the benefits of ice cold showers, ice packs, and ice baths.  Benefits include:

*boost immune system

*burn fat

*fight depression

*sleep better

I was intrigued right away by the “sleep better” claim.  Like so many women, I cannot sleep well!  I began experimenting by taking an ice cold shower before bed time–and honestly–it works!  I can sleep like I haven’t in years!  I have to say, cold showers really improve my mood too.  I actually think I’m addicted now.  I take two a day sometimes, and I’m working up to an ice bath.

You can order The 4 Hour Body here.

I’m into the second week of the actual diet plan, (I have small roll around my middle that needs to go!!) and I love it!  It’s so easy to stay on the eating plan, and the weight is definitely coming off.  There is no diet to actually follow, he basically tells you all the things that you cannot eat.  (which is a lot)  I am using my own recipes, just ones that fit into the eating plan.  The great thing about this diet is you get one cheat day a week–and he really encourages you to binge!  (I’m having a hard time with that)

I’m going to post some of the recipes I’m using on the diet this week–Give me some feedback if you happen to be trying it too!

Here are a few links to Cold Water Therapy:

Have great weekend everyone!