I Can’t Get Enough Of…..

The girls and I don't have a TV, but one of our favorite guilty pleasures is to watch re-runs of Top Design on Itunes.  We love Kelly Wearstler's wacky, over the top outfits.  I've been a fan of Kelly's for years.  All of my Kelly books are dog-eared and I love her boutique in Bergdorf.  There is no doubt that she is a great talent.  Eccentricity is obviously in her genes, therefore,  I cannot understand why she gets so much grief for her wardrobe on Top Design.  I think she's fabulous!!  

Love the leg-o'mutton sleeves!  My dream date is to go vintage shopping with Kelly in Palm Beach…

Why does stepping outside the range of norm put people in such a state?  Must we all look the same?  Someone described her as "crazy Aunt Millie with sixteen cats."  Indeed….

She obviously doesn't take herself too seriously, and in our world of self-obsessed starlets, I find her refreshing and inspiring!

This is beautiful!

Love the necktie!!

Wish I could find more of her hat photos on line…

Kelly on her outfits:  "Fuck it, I'm just going to wear them."  Go Kelly, I salute you!!