I’m sure you have noticed that Jane and I  both have featured Kim a lot on our blogs since adopting her in January.  It’s hard not to really.  She is always right beside us, so we figure we might as well snap a photo of her.  She’s quite the ham!

Being cute does have perks, and it wasn’t long before the most beautiful dog bed arrived at our door with Kim’s name on it.  Poochie of Beverly Hills very generously sent Kim the most decadent  bed.  Just a few short months ago, Kim was dumped at the pound, and in real danger of losing an eye.  It’s now April, and two surgeries later, Kim is living the life.  She loves her new dog bed, and Staci, my Chihuahua mix actually lets her use it some time.  (Staci claims seniority in this matter)

Better picture of Kim’s bed..

This is not just a dog bed–it’s a major piece of furniture!  The dogs love the fact that is is elevated off the ground a bit.

Here are a few more styles……

Go here for all the information on Poochie of Beverly Hills.

Amanda—thank you so much!!!

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