Jane and I both went crazy for the Miu Miu SS/11 shoes.  We were especially crazy about the double mary jane lace up spats.  Sadly, we have had such a hard time finding anything but a watered down version here in Dallas.  After much looking, we were both able to find a pair that we love!  I chose the black and tan, while Jane went for the neon/black/ gold pair from Net-A-Porter.com

Jane is a little jealous of mine, and I’m a little jealous of hers–but we are so happy to have found a pair.  They are selling out everywhere, and we totally missed out the last time Prada did spats.

I wanted to thank you all for your support on our shoe cleaning exercise.  It was hard to do, but we have a little room now.  I think I may make one more swipe at my shoes–I was amazed at how fast they went, and it’s so nice to know that you all enjoyed the sale!  I leave you all with one silly dog shot…..and here’s to hoping these crazy tornadoes take a day off in the south!