Setting the table with lots of unneeded doodads.  I hate a sparse table.  Empty tables look sad.  They make me think of famines and the space between Shelly’s ears.

Infatuated with brass lately–there is a shelf in my garage that looks like Aladdin’s den.  I love to look at it.

My favorite vintage brass lamps.

I love browsing flea markets and estate sales for keepsake boxes–they have so many uses.

This cut crystal box from tiffany’s makes such an unusual jewelry box.

The Nautilus is probably my favorite configuration –I never tire of looking at them.

Another crystal box from Tiffany’s.

Karen and I put a lot of these items up on the site. I hope you enjoy and I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  It’s pouring down rain here in North Texas today–it’s a perfect rainy Sunday.